About us

Honoring America's Heroes

We are honored to celebrate your life as a hero in the fire department, law enforcement and the military with our beautiful customized art. We have been in business over 35 years producing the finest custom works of art with a reputation for honesty and integrity. Our prints hang in thousands of homes, fire houses, police stations and museums all across the nation.

About the Artist - Scott Mills

Scott was born in 1947 in Detroit, Michigan. By an early age, Scott's parents, teachers, and fellow classmates all recognized his outstanding artistic talent. He dazzled everyone with his natural gift of drawing with exact precision and amazing accuracy. Growing up, Scott would occasionally take art classes, but sooner or later was always told the same thing by his teachers, "There is nothing more we can teach you. In fact, you should be teaching us!"

As Scott matured, another distinct quality set him apart from his peers; his enthusiastic patriotism and unwavering love of country. As a teenager he set his heart on becoming an officer in the United States Marine Corps. Scott achieved that goal in 1969 and went on to serve in Vietnam. He was honorably discharged in 1972. Although his artistic talent and patriotism were clearly evident, a third thing would eventually characterize and come to define the man Scott B. Mills. That was his love of God. Scott was a Christian and his faith was reflected in his artwork.

Remarkably, these three elements in Scott's life came together to produce a business of which he was immensely proud. Scott was keenly aware his art ability was a God-given gift and he passionately used it to honor and dignify all military veterans and the men and women of the police and fire-fighting professions.

One of Scott's greatest joys was to hear the war stories of those he painted. He counted it a privilege to listen to their tales of courage and valor and his heart's desire was to, through his work, pay homage to those who so deeply deserve our recognition and respect. Scott was married to Gail and they have three children: Michelle, Merilee, and David. Sadly, in May of 2007, Scott was killed in an automobile accident in the San Bernardino Mountains near his home in Redlands, California.

Today, the family of Scott B. Mills is proud to continue his life's work through this website.

Gail Mills

Gail Mills is the widow of artist Scott B. Mills. In 2007, after the unexpected death of her husband, she faced a daunting challenge. How could she continue her husband’s passion and life work to honor what he called ‘America’s heroes’? Dozens of calls were coming in daily inquiring about his work but without the artist it seemed his prints were destined to perish with him and this was a tragedy she desperately wanted to avoid.

Several major obstacles appeared insurmountable. Scott’s signature style was to paint by hand the specific images of each order on top of the print using inks and dyes he developed. He was the only one who knew the formula for this. He was also the only one with the precision, patience and skill to create these one of a kind prints. His work was so popular that he had defied the phrase ‘starving artist’. Because of this, Gail had been a homemaker and not worked outside the home. This reality hit hard.

Then a miracle started to unfold. Gail is a Christian who put her faith in God to see her through but she did not anticipate the tough years that lay ahead. Still, she knew that ‘nothing is impossible with God’ and He did not disappoint her. Through a series of events she learned that not only could Scott’s originals be digitized, but all of his hand painted images including fonts, patches, badges, medals and ribbons could be digitized as well. A world of possibilities flooded her mind. For over 3 years she worked tirelessly to create this website where Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement Officers, and Members of the Military can own a stunning, personalized print that honors their life of service. Scott would be proud. All glory to God!

Today, it’s nothing short of a miracle that customers can still own an original Scott B. Mills Personalized Print. Gail is proud to show you this website where you are invited to honor the special hero in your life and document for posterity their courage, bravery and sacrifice to this country.