How Long Does it Take to Produce the Artwork?

 Once your information is received, a proof is sent to your email usually within 3 business days.

Once you approve the proof it's approximately 10-14 days for you to receive the order if you purchased it framed.  Unframed art is completed and shipped sooner.

We do everything we can to reach your deadline and can often expedite the order if possible.

 Can I Purchase a Print Without Buying a Frame?

  Yes, absolutely.  

Can Other "Custom" Items Be Added To The Artwork In Addition To Those Already Offered?

The artwork is highly customized with 3-10 set areas of personalization depending on the print you choose.  If you want to add something to the print beyond what is offered, we do it at the discretion of our production team for an additional fee. The fee ranges from $25-$75 depending on the complexity of the item.

 Shipping Charges:

 The cost to ship unframed artwork is $17.  The current cost to ship framed artwork is $40.  There have been recent increases from the shipping carriers that may necessitate increasing the shipping costs but as of now 9/18/2020 we are doing our best to keep it as the current rate.   We value our customers and their ongoing efforts to protect us so it's our desire to keep the cost of this honoring artwork affordable.

 The Size of the Art

The original artwork was painted in oils in 3 different sizes: 14 x 20, 17.5 x 25 and 19 x 25.  We continue to produce the art in those sizes to remain true to the originals.  However, not every piece can be reproduced in all sizes.  Please check the art you're interested in on the website for the size offered.