"Chesty Puller" Military History Art

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Hear the name “Chesty” and every Marine who’s ever served in the Marine Corps knows who you’re talking about.
Lewis Burwell Puller, nicknamed “Chesty” for his stout stature is almost universally recognized as the toughest Marine who ever lived.  He rose through the ranks from Private to General to become the most decorated Marine in American history.  His extensive combat record and series of awards are hard to match.  He remains the only Marine ever awarded five Navy Crosses, one step less than the Medal of Honor.

He became a legend in his own time and it was said of him, “No officer ever inspired greater courage, loyalty and devotion from his men.”
Scott, a proud former Marine, painted this portrait of Chesty in 1988.  It was used on the cover of a book by Burke Davis called, Marine! The Life of Chesty Puller.

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About the Artist - Scott Mills

Scott Mills produced a collection of fine oil paintings which are enjoyed by thousands to this day. His love for God, America and art inspired him to produce the personalized artwork you see before you. Order a personalized reproduction of the fine art he originally produced today.