"Medal of Honor - Mitchell Paige" Military History Art

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Artist Scott Mills first met Medal of Honor Recipient, Colonel Mitchell Paige in 1992.  Mesmerized by his humble character and infatuated with his combat stories Scott knew he needed to capture the essence of this man and his undaunted courage on canvass.  The two men quickly became good friends, calling each other often, meeting for lunch and eventually discussing the mood and movement of the painting Scott would create.

Scott wanted the work to reflect Mitch’s valiant spirit of perseverance in the face of overwhelming odds.  Mitch, on the other hand, wanted the work to reflect the heroism of the men who gave their lives at Guadalcanal.  In an interview in 2000 he said, “This Medal of Honor belongs to 33 people.  The greatest heroes were those guys who didn’t survive.”
As you consider this work what matters most is that heroes are never forgotten.  It’s our duty to keep their memory alive, to tell their stories and never forget the price they paid for our freedom.
In the spirit of uncommon valor and heroism we proudly offer this print as part of our Military History collection.

This piece is offered at 15.25" x 12.5"


About the Artist - Scott Mills

Scott Mills produced a collection of fine oil paintings which are enjoyed by thousands to this day. His love for God, America and art inspired him to produce the personalized artwork you see before you. Order a personalized reproduction of the fine art he originally produced today.